Maximize the impact of your workforce
Through intentional inclusion of people with disabilities, using Innovative Impact’s keen analysis and fostering of meaningful partnerships.

Our Service Model

Our service model is meticulously designed to provide your organization with in-depth, customized assessments and a strategic roadmap tailored to meet your unique disability hiring goals.

We walk you through a multi-step process that digs deeply beneath the surface of your organization to uncover key target areas by reviewing the organization’s practices and strategies. We conduct a comprehensive analysis and collaborate with other experts to determine a strategic roadmap with high-level recommendations tailored to propel the organization towards its diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility goals.

Innovative Impact LLC is your partner in effecting meaningful change.


The discovery process is designed to be affordable for your organization, in terms of both monetary cost and demands on time from you and your staff.

Upon presentation of the recommendations and roadmap, we can discuss a scope of work for implementation that may or may not include participation by Innovative Impact LLC.

Our typical engagement tends to be based on an estimate of the number of months implementation will require, and the extent of Innovative Impact’s involvement. We then agree on a flat, monthly retainer rate.

Our Work Process

At Innovative Impact LLC, we are committed to driving positive change and accelerating the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce. Our approach involves a structured and collaborative process that ensures effective engagement with our clients. Here's an overview of our business processes:


Discovery Process icon on the Services Page

Discovery Process

We begin our engagements with a comprehensive discovery process. This phase involves in-depth discussions, interviews, and assessments to gain a thorough understanding of your organization's current practices, culture, and challenges related to disability inclusion. Through this process, we identify opportunities and areas for improvement.


Review of Recommendations icon on the Services Page

Review of Recommendations

Following the discovery process, we compile a list of strategic recommendations tailored to your organization's needs and goals. These recommendations are based on our expertise, industry best practices, and insights gained from the discovery phase. We provide you with a detailed report summarizing our findings and proposed solutions.


Co-creation of statement of work icon on the Services Page

Co-Creation of Statement of Work

Once the recommendations are presented, we work closely with you to review and prioritize the suggested initiatives. Through collaborative discussions and strategic alignment, we jointly identify the elements you wish to pursue. This forms the basis for co-creating a customized Statement of Work (SoW) that outlines the scope, objectives, timeline, and deliverables for our engagement.


Engagement and Multi-Month Retainer icon on the Services Page

Engagement and Multi-Month Retainer

We prefer engaging in multi-month partnerships to allow sufficient time for meaningful progress and sustainable change. Our engagements typically span six months, during which we work hand-in-hand with your organization to implement the agreed-upon initiatives outlined in the SoW. To ensure ongoing support and availability of our expertise, we operate on a monthly retainer basis. This approach enables us to provide continuous guidance, leverage our experience and network, and adapt our strategies as needed.

Let's Discuss Your Project

The world is evolving, and so must our workplaces. Our mission is to drive enduring change and fast-track the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce. But I can't do it alone - this is a call for champions of diversity like you.Are you ready to be an agent of change? Let’s embark on a transformative journey to reshape the workforce, foster talents, and celebrate diversity in all its forms.
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